Projects and Events 2011-2014

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Last updated: May 18, 2016

September-november 2014: 13th computer drawing competition

The competition was dedicated to the Year of Movement and was organised by EENet and the Estonian Olympic Committee. A total of 4850 authors participated with 5327 drawings from 178 schools.

2014: Nature cameras


  • 10 January - 24 March: Bird feeder cam
  • 21 February - 27 May: Deer cam
  • Since 6 March: Grey seal, tawny owl
  • Since 26 March: Black storks
  • Since 31 March: Osprey and lesser spotted eagle
  • Since 7 April: Brown bear
  • Since 25 November: Wild boars
  • 2011-2013: Optical backbone of Estonian research and education network
    (Eesti teaduse ja hariduse andmeside optiline magistraalvõrk)

    The main goal of this project is to create a modern high-speed optical network for Estonian research and development institutions. The project is co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund. The work on the project begun on 1. July 2011 and will be completed by 31. December 2013.

    Homepage of the project (in Estonian)

    2011-2014: Estonian Scientific Computing Infrastructure ETAIS

    ETAIS was one of the objects of the Estonian Research Roadmap. Participants of the project consortium were University of Tartu, Tallinn Technical University, Estonian Education and Research Network (EENet) of HITSA and National Institute of Chemical Physics and Biophysics.

    The project started on 1 July 2011 and was carried out until 31 March 2014.

    September-november 2013: The 12th computer drawing competition

    6045 pictures were competing for the prizes this year. A total of 5324 authors participated from 189 schools.

    October 2013: EENet 20th anniversary conference

    The conference “Network, Data and People”, held in Tartu on 4th October 2013 celebrated 20 years of the Estonian academic network.

    2013: Nature cameras

    September-november 2012: The 11th computer drawing competition

    The Estonian Education and Research Network, the Estonian Maritime Academy and the Estonian Maritime Museum organised a computer drawing competition.
    A total of 4982 pictures by 4382 authors participated in this years competition. Included were 195 schools and 194 instructors.

    Winter-spring 2012: Nature cameras

    Access to online nature cameras:

    In this winter and spring the life of black stork, osprey, lesser spotted eagle and other wonderful creatures is and was transmitted. The nature cameras are cooperation projects of several partners - Kotkaklubi, Looduskalender, Kernel, Televõrk, EENet etc.

    The camera images are transmitted to the EENet server, where the video is decoded and the stream is multiplied.

    Forums and diaries of nature camers on the website of Looduskalender

    Autumn-winter 2011: Käsmu Seashore Camera, Wild Boar TV and Bird Feeder Cam

    • From 24 November 2011 until 23 March 2012 the sixth season of winter bird feeder camera
    • From 11 November 2011 until 21 March 2012 live videostream from the feeding ground for wild animals in Tartumaa
    • The Käsmu seashore camera that was damaged by lightning in August 2011 started working again from October 24 2011: mms://

    September-november 2011: The 10th computer drawing competition

    In the framework of The International Year of Forests EENet, the State Forest Management Centre and the Estonian Society of Foresters organised a computer drawing competition.
    A total of 5339 pictures by 4869 authors participated in this years competition.

    Spring-autumn 2011: Bear webcam, Eagle- and Stork-TV

    • From 19 May until 10 December 2011 a new forest camera was in operation in Alutaguse. A plethora of wild animals including brown bears have been sighted there almost daily.
    • From 15 April until 28 October 2011 live videostream was available from the Lesser Spotted Eagles nest. But as it turned out we only saw the setup and ordering of the nest. The real nesting took place 50 meters away in a new nest and was not visible in the web camera. Relocating the camera was not possible as it would have disturbed the birds too much.
    • From 19 April until 28 October 2011 EENet broadcasted from the legendary stork nest. This nest has been virtually watchable since 2007. Black stork Padis did inhabit the nest in the spring but as he didn't find a mate the lesser-spotted eagle overtook the nest as happened during the second half of the summer of 2010.
    • From 21 April until 21 September 2011 it was possible to observe the activities of the second black-stork camera located in western Estonia. The viewers could follow the life of the stork pair Tiina and Tiit as they lay four eggs, as the eggs hatched and the four chicks were growing up.
    • On March 10 started the third season of following the life of the white-tailed eagles in a nest in Läänemaa. The nest was initially set up and cleaned by the white-tailed eagles, but wasn’t used in the end. We also had a few common buzzards contemplating the nesting site, but in the end they built their own nest nearby. Finally the nest was taken by a mallard.

    Winter 2010-2011: Wild Boar TV, eagles feeding ground, bird feeder camera

    • From 14 December 2010 until 13 March 2011 was possible to observe live the eagles feeding ground
    • From 23 December 2010 until 22 March 2011 the winter bird feeder camera introduced its visitors
    • From 22 December 2010 until 10 April 2011 EENet brought to its viewers the feeding ground for wild animals in Tartumaa
    • From 30 December 2010 until 1 May 2011 live videostream was available from the feeding ground for wild animals in Lääne-Virumaa