Harno - the Education and Youth Board
Transfer of HITSA's activities on August 1st, 2020
Estonia Finland's 100 Gbps connection is now operational

Education and Youth Board

As of 1 August 2020, all rights and obligations (including contracts) related to the activities of HITSA were transferred to the Education and Youth Board (Haridus- ja Noorteamet, abbreviation: Harno).

Contact data of Harno:
Lõõtsa 4, Tallinn 11415, Estonia
+372 735 0500, info@harno.ee, www.harno.ee

EENet of Harno:
Soola 3, Tartu 51004, Estonia
+372 730 2110, eenet@eenet.ee


Võrgukaart/Map of network


The Estonian Education and Research Network EENet

is a structural unit of Harno - the Education and Youth Board.

EENet's main goal is to ensure the development and stable functioning of the information technology infrastructure necessary for research, education and culture in Estonia.

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