The conditions and procedure for qualifying as the Customer of EENet of the Ministry of Education and Research

Endorsed with Directive no. 1.1-2/22/133 of the Minister of Education and Research on 26 April 2022
Amended with Directive no. 1.1-2/24/101 of the Minister of Education and Research on 12 April 2024

1. A Service Agreement (hereinafter "Agreement") must be concluded for the use of the following services of EENet of the Ministry of Education and Research (hereinafter "HTM"):
1.1. Permanent Internet connection;
1.2. .ee domain registrar service;
1.3. Trusted certificate service TCS;
1.4. Virtual private server;
1.5. Being a TAAT identity provider and TAAT service provider.

2. The Customer of EENet of HTM (hereinafter "Customer") may be a legal person acting in the domain of research, education and culture, a national and local authority, and an authority managed by such a person. Due to the limited scope of the target group, the services provided via data network operated by EENet of HTM are not the publicly available electronic communications services in terms of the Electronic Communications Act.

3. The following institutions are qualified as a Customer:
3.1. Research and development institutions that are registered in the Estonian Research Information System ETIS and whose main activity according to their statutes is education, research and development;
3.2. Institutions that officially govern the research and development activities;
3.3. Educational and training institutions registered in the Estonian Education Information System EHIS;
3.4. Institutions under administration of the Ministry of Education and Research;
3.5. Other authorities, educational institutions that officially govern the educational activities;
3.6. Public and professional libraries, the Estonian National Library, the Estonian Repository Library, the Estonian Library for the Blind, the Estonian Children's Literature Centre;
3.7. Museums;
3.8. Child and youth organizations, public youth centers;
3.9. The organizations for educational staff, researchers and students;
3.10. The institutions for the support training for the disabled persons;
3.11. State-supported performing arts institutions;
3.12. Community cultural centers, collectives of performers, cultural societies;
3.13. Enterprises whose activities include free services of an educational nature - insofar as necessary for the provision of these services;
3.14. Spin-off companies operating in the premises of universities and research institutions, in case the relevant university/research institution also submits their own request, and the activity of the spin-off company is related to research and development.

4. Taking into account the technical and economic expediency and the coverage of additional costs associated with the services, a government institution of another domain, a person in public law or a local government may be qualified as a Customer on a one-time basis.

5. An institution that operates in the educational, research and cultural domain as a secondary activity and whose main activity is not suitable to the area of activity of the Ministry of Education and Research shall not be qualified as a Customer.

6. When the Customer ceases to operate in the domain of education, research or culture, HTM has the right to terminate the provision of services to them.

7. Qualification procedure
7.1. The institution submits a free-form application for becoming a Customer. If the applicant is not registered in ETIS or EHIS and/or their statutes are not public, EENet of HTM may ask for the submission of their statutes and the description of their current activities.
7.2. The employee of HTM technology management department processing the application makes the decision about the qualification of the institution as a Customer.