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November 2000: "Telematics 2000 - IT in Estonian Schools"  conference in Tartu

Kogumik Telemaatika 2000 The "Telematics 2000 - IT in Estonian Schools: Between Chaos and Order" conference took place from 17 to 19 November 2000 in Tartu. As with previous Telematics conferences, the main topic was the use of ICT (information and communication technologies) in the learning process and in school administration.

Telematics 2000 was designed for teachers and anyone connected with schools and education, interested in gaining an overview of ICT use in schools as presented by those who use it in  their everyday work. Conference presentations were in Estonian, Russian or English, with some parallel sessions in Russian.

Thanks to the the support of the Baltnet project of the Nordic Council of Ministers, the organisers were able to invite many guest speakers from the Nordic and Baltic countries.

Conference proceenings (in Estonian, English and Russian)

Participants of the conference Opening by the Academician Jaak Aaviksoo Mihkel Kraav's presentation

June 2000: NATO Advanced Networking Workshop in Tartu

Information about the workshop from the EENet's website
Information about the workshop from the TERENA's website

Lecturer John Crain from RIPE NCC Valentino Cavalli and Mihkel Kraav having a discussion during a coffee break Participants in front of the main building of Tartu University
Photos by Janno Ă„niline

June 2000: 2nd CEENet Workshop on Network Managerial Methods: NATO Advanced Networking Workshop in Ohrid, Macedonia

Here again EENet was responsible for the logistics of the workshop.

August 1999: 5th CEENet Network Technology Workshop in Budapest, Hungary

There were three parts to this seminar: computer networks, information systems and distance education.

August 1998: 4th CEENet Network Technology Workshop in Bratislava, Slovakia

The lecturers at the fourth CEENet network technology workshop were from 12 countries, including the United States, Finland, Sweden and Estonia. There were 80 participants, five of them from Estonia.

June 1998: NATO Advanced Networking Workshop in Yaroslavl, Russia

This workshop was organized by TERENA and CEENet. The logistics of the participants was arranged by CEENet and EENet, while the logistics of lecturers were organised by TERENA.

August 1997: 3rd CEENet Network Technology Workshop in Zagreb, Croatia

CARNet website

May 1997: 1st CEENet Networking Policy Workshop in Tartu

The first international workshop, jointly organised by CEENet and EENet, proved to be a great success. It lead to the creation of the "CEENet Tartu Declaration" on the role and tasks of academic communities, governments and national research and educational networks in the Information Age.

CEENet Tartu Declaration