Projects and Events 2007-2008

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September-November 2008: Seventh Computer Drawing Competition "My Estonia"

Liisi Grünberg (18),
Nõo Reaalgümnaasium
The seventh computer drawing competition, dedicated to the 90th Anniversary of the Estonian Republic, was launched on September 1st 2008. The competition ended on November 17th with 5270 pictures sent from schools all over Estonia.The winners were announced on November 28th 2008.
  • in the 0-10 age-group Andrei Pankratov (8) was the winner with the pictures "Blue, black and white" and "The best moment of the anniversary-year"
  • in the 11-14 age-group Ingel Soop (13 ) won with the picture "Blue, black and white"
  • in the 15-19 age -group Liisi Grünberg (18) was the best with the picture " A Present for Estonia"
  • in the grown-up age-group Maria Evestus (22) was declared the winner with the picture "Sky and Sea in his/her eyes"

April-August 2008: Live Broadcasts from the Nests of Wild Birds

During Summer 2008, EENet offered live broadcasts from the nests of spotted eagle and black storks.

The birds were brought to viewers courtesy of EENet, Kotkaklubi, Kernel, Televõrgud Ltd, Looduskalender and the Institute of Materials Technology of Tallinn University of Technology

Winter 2007-2008: Live Broadcast from the Birdhouse and the Wild Animals Feeding Place

This winter the birdwatchers and everyone interested in the daily life of Estonia`s fledged inhabitants had the opportunity to observe their favourites online via EENet server. The camera watched a birds feeding house in Otepää, under the office windows of Loodusemees Inc.
The picture album of Loodusemees
From January until April 2008 EENet broadcasted the wild animals feeding place in the woods of Tartu county. The place was being visited by a herd of wild boars and also a pair of raccoon dogs.
The picture was being brought to viewers by EENet server; more information about the joint project at

May-September 2007: Sixth Computer Drawing Competition "Please Draw Me A Researcher"

As the entire European community celebrated Researchers` Night on 28 September, the young (and young at heart) in Estonia were asked to draw a picture of a real scientist of their own.
As a result, 3333 pictures from 181 schools were submitted, and after long and difficult discussions the jury decided upon the following:
  • in the 0-12 age-group Krister Kasemaa was declared the winner with a portrait of the famous Estonian semiotics professor Yuri Lotman.
  • in the 13-18 age-group Mari-Ann Piht received first prize for portraying a microbiologist at work.
  • in the adult age-group Joonas Sildre (a noted caricaturist and cartoonist) won with his picture “The Researcher and The Wise”.
Mari-Ann Piht (18), Tallinna Reaalkool
The winners` drawings were sent to the European Commission and took part in the European level competition.
The competition was organised by EENet and the Science Centre AHHAA.

April-August 2007: Black Storks Online

EENet Nature enthusiasts were invited to observe the unfolding family drama it the nest of the Estonian black stork pair, Tony and Donna, listen to the sounds of the forest around the nest, read updates in the daily chronicle, and view pictures from the storks' 'family album'.
The viewers could closely monitor, how the eggs were laid and hatched and three chicks brought up. The live broadcast was surprisingly popular, with hundreds of viewers (at height) from all over the world.
The event was organised by the project team EAGLELIFE, the live video stream brought to the viewers by EENet server and the Internet connection from the nest to the server built by Kernel.