EENet - NORDUnet Collaboration Agreement

22 December 1994

EENet, the Estonian Educational and Research Network, and NORDUnet, the Nordic International Network, (the "parties" in the following) agree to cooperate in areas including traffic exchange, support for interconnection infrastructure, international connectivity, and operational coordination.

  1. Scope
  2. Interconnection and Traffic Exchange
  3. International transit traffic
  4. Proper Use
  5. Technical Coordination
  6. Duration
  7. Announcement
  8. Appendix 1

1. Scope

This agreement applies to EENet and to the NORDUnet networks (DENet, FUNET, SURIS, UNINETT, SUNET). Additional networks may be added by mutual agreement, which as of this date includes the other Baltic research networks and the Polish national research network, which are connected to NORDUnet.

2. Interconnection and Traffic Exchange

The parties agree to exchange traffic between EENet in Tallinn and NORDUnet nodes in Helsinki and Stockholm. There will be no charges for traffic exchange between the networks within the scope defined in section 1.

The parties agree to monitor common traffic levels and to contribute to common infrastructure upgrades to ensure sufficient bandwidth for use. Common infrastructure upgrades will not be made except by mutual consent.

The physical connections, which enable the traffic exchange, are initially a line between Tallinn International Telephone Exchange and Helsinki of 128 Kbit/s, and a satellite link of 64 Kbit/s between the Institute of Chemical and Biological Physics - KBFI - in Tallinn - and KTH Stockholm.

3. International transit traffic

The parties also agree to allow transit traffic over NORDUnet funded resources, between EENet and networks outside the scope defined in section 1, subject to agreements between NORDUnet and the networks concerned.

EENet will compensate NORDUnet for such transit traffic according to the cost of the NORDUnet resources taken up by the transit traffic. The compensation is defined in Appendix 1 to this agreement.

4. Proper Use

Each party will, to the best of their ability, ensure that users and user networks behave in a manner which does not impact the operations of other networks and users, and within generally-accepted security guidelines. Each party has the right to protect their technical resources, following generally-accepted operational practices.

Transit traffic as defined in section 3. must be in support of research and education and should not include traffic of no interest for research and education.

5. Technical Coordination

Both parties agree to cooperate on technical issues to ensure effective networking for our user communities. Each party will name technical, administrative, and security contacts.

6. Duration

This agreement is initially for the period from 1 January through 31 December 1995. The agreement will be extended automatically for additional one-year periods except where either network gives 3-month advance notice.

7. Announcement

EENet and NORDUnet will publicly announce that they have completed this cooperative agreement.


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December,22. 1994. 2/1-95
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Enok Sein Peter Villemoes
Executive Director General Manager
Estonian Educational and NORDUnet A/S
Research Network Agern Alle 3
Ta"hetorn Toomel DK 2970 Horsholm
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Appendix 1
Compensation for Transit Traffic

The amount of transit traffic is defined as a constant fraction of the total traffic between EENet and NORDUnet measured at the connection points. The measured average traffic is the average of total traffic over one quarter of a year, it is expressed in bit per second and is calculated as in- plus outgoing traffic divided by two.

The compensation in Danish kroner per year is given in the following table as a function of the measured average traffic. The values are a linear function of traffic, except that average traffic below 64/3 Kbit/s is free.

          Quarterly average traffic	Compensation
Kbit/s KDKK/year

<21 0 40 90 60 186 80 282 100 378

KDKK = 1000 Danish kroner.

The compensation for quarterly average traffic exceeding 100 Kbit/s is undefined and must to be further negotiated. ======================================================